Schooling in France


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I’ll tell you about the school in France. You often wonder if your education system is the same for all other countries. I’ll present one of France for children from 3 to 15 years.

Your Pre-School and your Kindergarten

Usually, the children begin to go to school at 3 years old. They join, also, the kindergarten school and enter in “petite section” grade. The next year, they join the “moyenne section” grade. The following class is the “grande section” grade. They begin, also, to become familiar with the alphabet and to learn to count and to write their name.

Your Elementary School

New grade. They enter into the playgrounds of big ones now! It’s the primary school or elementary school. The first grade is the “CP” who means “preparatory course” in french. This is the year where they learn to read and to write, good isn’t it? In the next class, they study grammar, spelling, conjugation, vocabulary, math, science, history, geography and one foreign language. There are “CE1” and “CE2”  who mean “elementary course, first year and second year” in french, and “CM1” and “CM2” who mean “medium course, first year and second year”. They learn English increasingly young, for my part I had the first English course in CM1..

Your Middle School with the 9th Grade

The next step is the “collège” not to be confused with the university in America. It’s your Junior High School. First there is the 6th and the 5th where the schoolchildren learn French, math, science, physics, a foreign language (usually English), history, geography, civics, technology, music, plastic arts and sport, and the 4th and 3rd where they learn a second foreign language in addition: German or Spanish in general. At the end of four years of Junior High School they take an exam: the brevet. It is a test in control continues that is to say the averages in each subject has a coefficient of 1 point. The final tests of the examination have a coefficient of 2 points.

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Summer holidays in France

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Today, i will tell you the operation of the summer holidays in my dear country, France. All schoolchildren have two months of holidays in summer: July and August. During these tow months, the traffic is very important especially during the weekends, that is to say, on Saturday and Sunday. In fact, given that the most vacation rentals begin and end the Saturday, the holidaymakers hit the road at that time.

Summer holidays ok, but where go the French ?

Top 4 of the regions most visited in France in the summer in my opinion:

1. The Cote d’Azur (The French Riviera).


People loves the sun, the Mediterranean sea, the chic, and the ports of this coast! You know maybe Nice, Marseille, Cannes (The Cannes Film Festival, yes), Saint-Tropez or Menton (look at the picture).


2. The Basque Country


The big waves, surfers… the Basque countries, and especially Biarritz (look at picture), are well known for this, but not only. Traditional parties: the feria (the most emblematic is one of Bayonne) bring many people, each year, and especially young people.


3. Brittany France

mont saint michel

Despite the untimely rain throughout the year (the famous “crahins bretons”, drizzles), Brittany hosts a large number of people during the estivale season. Indeed, it is, firstly, appreciated for its history, its customs, its majestic landscape dotted with dolmens and menhirs and its mythical places (like the Mont Saint Michel, who is in the picture), and secondly for its attractive coastline, with its beautiful Gulf of Morbihan, and its beautiful small islands who surround.

4. The Rhone Alps


Even if the mountains are most attractive at the winter, the French people likes to come in the Alps to do hiking, to breathe clean air, to recharge, to shut out the world: No internet, no phones, nothing regarding new technologies…, only the pleasure of crossing streams, admiring marmots and ibex or breathing the strong odor given off by a cheese factory.

I hope that you have to like this posts and that i allowed you to travel a bit by visiting these few regions of France.

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About me


Hello Everybody!

First, my name is Céline and i am french, a french schoolgirl, right. So, i have 17 years old and i am not really bilingual in English. I start this blog to improve my English, you will get it! I hope, in addition, to meet an american people, an british people or an autralian people. I don’t really no but it’s so exciting!

Well. I live near Paris – the most beautiful city in the world haha. Actually, i live in country in a big house. The garden is very large. I live there with my mother, my father and my wonderful cat! Its name is Ercule and it’s an british short hair! He is the most cut haha! However, i have got two big brother. They live in Paris for their studies. One in statistical and the other in civil Engineering.

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